Railay, Thailand – 2011
Rajasthan, India – 2010
Meribel , France – 2008
Burning Man Festival, USA – 2011
Cancun, Mexico – 2012

As a Travel Counsellor, my main job is running my own independent travel business helping people plan amazing holidays and manage all aspects of travel. On top of that, I love to recreate the food I’ve tried when travelling myself or that I have been influenced to cook from destinations I am yet to visit.

My travel experience started when I was young, visiting everywhere from Disneyland to Bethlehem (and most places between) with my grandparents. That’s when I really got the travel bug.

Since then I have worked in ski resorts in Italy, Switzerland and France, working my way up to manage some of the most luxurious chalets in the Alps. During this time, I worked with several talented chefs and this is certainly where my inspiration and passion for cooking started.

I also spent three years working in Ibiza and although my diet there wasn’t exactly the best, I was lucky to visit lots of the island’s restaurants and I have certainly been influenced by the eclectic dining options. I have backpacked through South East Asia, India and North America while taking numerous holidays throughout the world whenever I could, which have all influenced my cooking.

My travelling has changed in recent years due to having two young children, but that hasn’t stopped us, and I suppose my cooking has changed too. We try to encourage the kids to try everything we cook (it costs £1 every time my daughter tries something… a mistake I won’t repeat with my son) and get involved with the cooking too.

What can I do for you?

Hopefully, I’ll inspire you to cook some of the dishes I share and show you how easy it is to recreate your favourite dishes at home. Also, I do run my own independent travel business and I’ll link holidays, trips, bucket list adventures and everything else to all of my cooking so you can get a real feel of my influences and how you could maybe visit a certain destination one day too.

Unlike traditional travel agents, I have the independence and freedom to book any airline, accommodation and support service, providing you with unrivalled access to global travel destinations and a flexible service that is personal to you.

I can help to plan everything from solo or family trips, to corporate or large groups travelling to sunnier climates, cruises, skiing, multi-centre trips, city breaks, weddings, honeymoons, adventure, safari, eco & sustainable, flashpacking or Disneyland… literally anywhere!

If you like something I mention, or you have a certain trip in mind don’t hesitate to get in touch to talk about making it happen. And, if you’ve had a particular dish while away and you would like me to have a crack at recreating it for you, I will most certainly do requests!

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