Family Sharing South Korean

I first tried Korean food back in 2009 when I was in Los Angeles. I stayed there for two weeks and my hotel was smack bang in the middle of Koreatown so I had absolutely no choice but to try the food. Soon enough I learned how amazing it was, with loads of variety andContinue reading “Family Sharing South Korean”

Traditional Thai

By now you have probably realised that we absolutely love cooking Thai food, inspired from my personal travels in Thailand when I was backpacking and returning years later with my wife. I still remember my first ever meal in Thailand back in 2007, I touched down in Bangkok, jumped straight in a taxi to myContinue reading “Traditional Thai”

Indian Lockdown Delights

Back in 2010, I was lucky enough to travel to India and spend some time backpacking around this crazy country! It was nothing like I expected, yet at the same time it was everything I thought it would be – I know that sounds like a huge contradiction, which it is but that is literallyContinue reading “Indian Lockdown Delights”

Mexican Memories

We love Mexican food, not only is it tasty and easy to make, it always takes us back to some of the happiest times my wife and I shared together. In December 2012 we got married and we were lucky enough to spend our honeymoon in Cancun over Christmas and New Year. It was anContinue reading “Mexican Memories”

Paella, Patatas and Prawn Pil Pil…

I absolutely love Spanish food. I appreciate the social aspect of it and that everyone shares. It is always fresh and super simple to cook yet packed with amazing flavours. And to top it off I love to wash it down with a nice rioja. So for those that don’t know me, I spent three-yearsContinue reading “Paella, Patatas and Prawn Pil Pil…”

Good Friday Healthy Fish and Chips

As it is Good Friday I wanted to share my healthy homemade fish and chips dish with you. This is something we used to cook quite a lot and I have thrown together a few ideas from various recipes we tried, to settle on this one. It seems to work really well and it isContinue reading “Good Friday Healthy Fish and Chips”

A Taste of Thailand

My first food blog, who would have thought eh? Mixing two things I love in cooking and travel is so easy and there will certainly be more on the way if people enjoy them. I’ll try to do something different each week inspired by somewhere I have been and personally experienced or things I’ve triedContinue reading “A Taste of Thailand”

How to run a travel business when people can’t actually travel… and what you can do to help!

How to run a travel business when people can’t actually travel… and what you can do to help! The current situation has given me a lot of free time and one positive is that I finally have the opportunity to write my first blog.  So how do you run a travel business when people can’tContinue reading “How to run a travel business when people can’t actually travel… and what you can do to help!”