As a family, we love to travel and experience new things. We also love to cook and eat out – so mixing travel and cooking goes hand-in-hand for us, especially as I run my own independent travel business.


Travel Counsellor & Head Chef

Loves travelling, cooking, drinking, music festivals and bbq’s!

Favourite food is anything Asian and spicy. Loves to cook paella and tapas.

Drink of choice is red wine, Woodford Reserve and margaritas.

Favourite destination – Ibiza


Wife, Boss and Cooking Apprentice

Beautiful, funny, caring and slightly crazy at times mother and wife. Loves holidays in the sun with a cocktail in hand.

Loves Thai food and cooking anything that takes a long time… so she can drink wine while cooking and bop around the kitchen!

Favourite drinks are white wine, gin, fruit cider and margaritas.

Favourite destination – Thailand


Creative Starlet

A caring, loving and friendly girl who loves nothing more than to put on a show or chill doing some arts and crafts.

Favourite food is chicken curry (at school) and roast chicken dinner (at home). Likes to cook lasagna and cupcakes with mam.

Loves lemonade ‘mocktails’ on a weekend!

Favourite destination – Ibiza (the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!)


Bottomless Pit

A fun-loving, easy-going, trouble-making little boy who we literally cannot keep full. He will eat us out of house and home!

Favourite food is homemade broth and he is certainly partial to an ice lolly (after every meal!).

Izzy & Daisy

Unofficial Food Testers

Both known for stealing food off any of our plates at the earliest opportunity…

Get to Know Us a Little More Through our Cooking

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